Let me introduce you to the latest baklava brand from Gaziantep:
The President is Baklava!

Reisoğlu has been in the Pistachio business since the early 1980’s and has been processing quality peanuts for years and giving baklava. Buying an old baklava company at the beginning of this year, Reisoğlu Baklava decided to produce baklava. Hasan Basri Büyük and Bayram Tuncay at the beginning of the work, and Reisoğlu Baklava, which has 3 branches, established a new production facility immediately.

During our trip to Gaziantep last week we had the opportunity to visit this new baklava production facility, 3 branches of Reisoğlu Baklava and the Peanut Processing Facility in Nizip province.

Everything is made with hand labor in the manufacturing plant of Reisoğlu Baklava, there is nothing fabricated. They certainly do not use additives or glucose syrup in their products. For the baklava yufkalarının opened 40 times with the rolls, plenty of peanuts and 1. Quality sadayag and cream put and baked in special stone baking. The oak wood is used in the ovens and the hot syrup is poured as soon as the baklava is baked at 220 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

We went to the production facility and were tasted warmer than baklava. Reisoğlu All products are delicious and healthy because they do not use glucose syrup in baklava production.

There is also a voice called ‘winks’ on the floor, which is another indication of the quality of the diamond. I have also reminded that the baklava must be bitten downwards.

There are many varieties of baklava, of course. Reisoğlu is using peanuts over the standard amount in all Baklava. The square, peanut butter, peanut butter, brothel and nightingale nest were nice, but my favorites were plenty of thin pistachio paste pastry with carrot slices baklava.

Reisoğlu Baklava took us to Nizip, the center of Pistachio. Here we were able to see both the haze processing plant and the peanut trees closely. We studied how peanuts in Nizip are sorted, roasted and peanut varieties in place. It was a great experience to photograph peanuts in peanut trees in the immediate vicinity of the Zeugma excavation site in Belkis, along with the Birecik Dam in the background.

By the way, the bellies are already wonderful, but the Reisoğlu Baklava is also making incredibly delicious water bubbles. When you visit Gaziantep Şehitkamil Gazi Mukhtar Pasha Bulvarı’nda branches you visit the water field to look at the taste do not neglect, you tell me.

How can I go to Gaziantep to look at the taste of the baklava of Reisoğlu Baklava? If you are not in the other place, if you order, I give you the good news that you can send it all over Turkey.


Source: Lezzetpusulası